My name is Tom Leiper, and if you are looking for wry, intellectual and creative political satirical productions for your broadcast programming or political campaign you have arrived. I have always enjoyed the final hours of the campaign season as the ads "went negative" mainly because it tends to get, shall we say, somewhat inane, and over the years I have imagined how I would try to get the message out to "people like me". So, I have decided to do what has been an unfulfilled passion but impossible to pursue while actually starting businesses and earning a living... create velvet-gloved broadcast and campaign voice media that delivers a bare-knuckles message, with the intended recipient being the more thoughtful audience, hopefully with a sense of humor as well. Basically the objective is build a battleship armed with the 16" guns of political attack ads. You are listening to a few sample attack ads shelling some of our favorites targets. [Click to replay]
All material is available in broadcast quality on a royalty-free license basis, with early market or segment exclusivity available on a first come, best offer (exposure and/or revenue) basis and customized or remixed as requirements and any prior license restrictions permit. In addition entirely new material can be produced from your idea, outline or script... as long as it is both effective and funny.
To obtain current offerings, rates and contact information please send me an email with "TechnoBamics" in the subject line and a brief description of your requirements as well as return contact information. Alternatively, if you have arrived here from my home page you may contact me via their messaging system.